Why We Need to Keep Natural Forests

As cities and human activities continue to expand, natural forests are under threat. In 2016 one of The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals was to fully stop deforestation by 2020. In that same year we lost 25.8 million hectares. So we’ve, unfortunately, fallen short of meeting that goal. Global Forest Watch reported that in 2020, […]

the great smoky mountains

At Risk and Endangered Trees in the South and How You Can Help

Trees and people share some things in common. We both have necks, veins, and we both get sick. Just as people can get sick with illnesses like malaria, chicken pox, or COVID-19, the world’s tree species can get sick with a list of diseases of their own. It probably never even occurred to you (or […]

dying park peeling off a tree

9 BIPOC-Owned Outdoor Gear Stores and Brands for Outdoor Adventurers

Polls show that BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) folks are less likely to engage in outdoor activities. Currently, they represent less than 15% of the outdoor community. There are several reasons for those numbers, but the lack of diversity in the outdoor industry and in leadership is one. Black-owned businesses often have a […]

The Coolest Creatures In Your Local Creek

Mayflies, stoneflies, water flies, have you ever heard those names before? If you like fishing, you probably have. Even if those names aren’t familiar, there’s a chance you’ve seen them flying near creeks and freshwater rivers. You may be still wondering what type of animals they are. These aquatic invertebrates are known as benthic macroinvertebrates. […]

a daphnia organism under the microscope

Our Favorite Environmental Fiction Books of the 2010’s and 2020’s

No matter who you are, everyone can greatly benefit from reading more books and exposing themselves to new and different perspectives. Here we’ve compiled a list of books with the theme of environmentalism. We hope that you enjoy these books as much as we have! Remember, you don’t have to purchase books to get access […]