Do Forest Roads Hurt Forests?

If a road runs through a forest, does it hurt the forest resources? The impacts of forest roads have been haunting natural resource managers for decades. What are the impacts when an old logging road winds through a national forest? The Negative Effects of Roads on Forests Roads have negative impacts on forests and their […]

Outdoor Recreation: Fun Things To Do Outside In The US South

The US South is home to a variety of outdoor activities to keep you entertained. Hiking, camping, and fishing. Kayaking, swimming, and birdwatching. There’s something for everyone in this region. Are you looking for an adventure in the woods? Maybe a relaxing day by the lake. The US South has plenty of opportunities for outdoor […]

Who Is Enviva Biomass?

Enviva Biomass is the world’s largest producer of wood pellets. They make wood pellets sourced from clearcut forests across the US South. Enviva claims that pellets are a sustainable, low carbon alternative to fossil fuels. But, scientists around the world have proven that’s not true. Enviva’s wood pellets are harming forests, communities, and climate. Why […]

North Carolina’s Climate Chronicles

Story Map By Morgan Alexander, Climate Impacts Stanback Fellow 2023 If this story map is not displaying properly, you can visit it directly at this link.  Morgan Alexander is originally from Houston, Texas. But she was raised overseas in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Ankara, Turkey. She graduated from the University of Georgia in […]

Leaves You Hopeful: Stories About People Protecting Their Forests

This is a guest post by Aanahita Ervin, a 2023 Duke Stanback Climate Impacts Fellow. Leaves You Hopeful is a short podcast series. It highlights stories about large institutions (government, private foundations, corporations) misusing forests against the wishes of the local community members. While misuse of forest land is often legal, it’s not ethical. These offending […]

hope sign in a forest