Understanding Forest Dieback In The US South

Have you ever looked at a forest and noticed a patch of dead trees amidst a sea of green? It’s a concerning sight, isn’t it? You might be wondering, “What causes some forests to suffer and die?” Imagine standing on top of a majestic mountain. You’re gazing at the surrounding landscape. But it’s not vibrant […]

The Oldest Trees in the South

Have you ever wondered about the oldest giant trees? Those that have stood tall for centuries in the Southern region of the United States? These remarkable trees are key to our natural history. They provide valuable insights into the past. But what makes a tree “ancient”? Age, of course! We can figure out the age […]

a person making a heart with their hands in front of a tree trunk

Art About Climate Change: The Power of Visual Storytelling For Environmental Advocacy

Climate change is a pressing issue that affects our planet and future generations. Yet, conveying the urgency and impact of the climate crisis can be challenging. This is where visual storytelling comes into play. Through art, photography, and other visual mediums, we can educate and inspire. Together, we can bridge the gap between scientific data […]

Release: Pee Dee Tribe Land Acquisition & Green Tie Award

The Pee Dee Indian Tribe is an Indigenous community. They have historical connections to the Pee Dee River region in the Carolinas. The Tribe recently acquired an impressive 76.91 acres of land. This land includes 53.57 acres of wetlands and 23.34 acres of untouched forest. In partnership with Dogwood Alliance, the Tribe saved 91.91 acres […]

The Consequences of Overriding Cooper’s Farm Act Veto

This June, a fateful decision echoed through North Carolina’s House of Representatives. This set the stage for an environmental crisis with far-reaching ramifications. NC lawmakers chose to override Governor Roy Cooper’s veto of the Farm Act (SB 582). Lawmakers have opened the door for the devastation of invaluable wetlands. The Farm Act: weakens clean water laws […]