We Asked Southerners: How Does Nature Make You Feel?

There’s something truly special about the natural world. Especially in the picturesque landscapes of North Carolina and Georgia. We wanted to discover deep connections that people have with their natural environment. So, we conducted a survey asking residents about their feelings towards nature. Spending time outdoors seems important to Southerners everywhere. From the rolling Blue […]

a woman breathing in clean air in nature

At Risk and Endangered Trees in the South and How You Can Help

Trees and people share some things in common. We both have necks, veins, and we both get sick. Just as people can get sick with illnesses like malaria, chicken pox, or COVID-19, the world’s tree species can get sick with a list of diseases of their own. It probably never even occurred to you (or […]

dying park peeling off a tree

What’s Up with the Biomass Industry and Forest Health?

Biomass, or bioenergy, creates energy by burning living materials like plants and trees. The wood pellet industry uses trees to make wood pellets. It then ships them to Europe and Asia where they’re burned in power plants to create electricity. Wood pellet plants are as dirty and problematic as coal plants. Burning trees (via burning […]