What is Greenwashing?

This blog was co-authored with Nataly Perez Manrique.  Climate change is one of the most important and pressing issues facing humanity around the globe. No matter where you live, you’ll experience climate change and its environmental and health impacts. These include more extreme weather like hurricanes, flooding, and drought. Or more persistent and ever-present effects […]

a white fence splashed with green paint, a model of greenwashing

The Keep America Beautiful Campaign and Greenwashing

Guest post by Michelle Thompson Today, it’s hard to imagine a world without single-use packaging. But before the 1950s, we reused a lot of packaging. For example, people would buy milk in glass bottles and return the empty bottles to the store. Then the bottles were cleaned, refilled, and sold again. Litter and trash were […]

New Name, Same Old Forest Industry: Why SFI Is Greenwashing

Dogwood Alliance has transformed the paper industry around the world. Our demands are always simple: protect endangered forests stop turning natural forests into tree plantations end destructive practices like clearcutting stop poisoning our communities and water with toxic chemicals We’ve worked hard to expose forest industry greenwashing. What is greenwashing? Companies use greenwashing practices to […]