Packaging Gone Wrong

One member's funny take on the evils of Holiday Packaging.

I DO hate that packaging!!! One thing that we have always
done is reuse our wrapping paper over and over. In fact I bet we have some
pieces that are 15 years old! Of course the packaging that comes with the gifts
that we wrap is over the top. This year we did something different. We had some
guidelines for each other so things didn't get out of hand. We each got each
other 4 things, something to eat, something to wear, something hand made and a
wild card. Boy did that cut down on the packaging! We hardly had any this year.
In contrast a few years ago my sister Diana was visiting her in-laws in
Charlotte and we
went down there to visit. Her sister and brother in law lived in one of those
McMansions and had their own personal dumpster about 6' X 6'wide X 5'tall that
whole thing was crammed with Christmas Day paper and packaging! It was
disgusting! That was for one household for one day! I also caught her throwing
wine bottles in her trash compactor in her kitchen and asked her why she didn't
recycle (they had curbside recycling!) She said it was too much trouble! So I
guess that's the mentality we are dealing with these days (argh!)

Ya'll keep
up the great work!!



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