2000 Reasons to Feel Better About Our Forests Future

Decatur Green Fest was a huge success…

This past Saturday the Decatur Green Fest hosted by Dogwood Alliance drew 2,000
enthusiastic green Atlantans of all ages to a solar powered concert, decidedly non-fast food samples from 11 restaurants featuring local and organic produce and meats, a look at green products and services, and an introduction to the DA’s new KFC campaign.

Based on the ourtpouring of support for the event and the large number of young supporters who feel strongly that they want the forests instead of discarded fast food packaging the future of our Southern Forests seems a little more secure.

I started this event 5 years ago in a much smaller venue after deciding that I wanted to find a way to raise some funds to support Dogwood and at the same time I wanted to make more Atlantans aware of the work of the Dogwood. So organizing a public event seemed the best choice. This year we made another leap forward in size and know that hundreds of Atlantans know a little bit of why they should support the work of the Dogwood Alliance and why our precious southern forests need help to survive companies like KFC who would prefer litter to living forests and communities.

You can see more pictures and updates for the event on our Decatur Green Fest Facebook page.

For the forest,

John Beal aka johnthebaker
Dogwood Alliance Board Chair
Decatur, Georgia – May 7th, 2010

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