Say No to the NC Billboard Bill

This is alert is from our friends at the North Carolina Conservation Network, Scenic NC and the Central Piedmont Sierra Club. Thanks for your attention!

If the Billboard Bill (Senate Bill 183/House Bill 309), passes the General Assembly, it would dramatically expand the area along public roadsides where trees can be cleared in front of billboards. Even worse, this legislation would take away the right of local communities to curb the spread of billboards by prohibiting enforcement of local tree ordinances in front of billboards along interstates and federally assisted highways.

This legislation would also require local taxpayers to buy out billboards if they want them to be removed, in turn costing North Carolina taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars per billboard, making these distracting structures all but permanent.

Please contact your legislators here and urge them to oppose the Bad Billboard Bill (Senate Bill 183/House Bill 309).

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