KFC’s Packaging Policy Increases Protection for Southern Forests

Exciting news! In late October, KFC released a new sustainable packaging policy that we can get behind. We’ve been studying the implications of the policy and talking with the company’s biggest suppliers to ensure that there’s real change on the ground for our forests. After much analysis, we are now confident that it will.

Essentially, what the policy will do is increase the overall use of recycled paper, eliminate controversial sourcing from endangered forests like the Green Swamp in southeastern North Carolina, and give preference to FSC-certified fiber, which will limit the most destructive practices in the woods. You can view the policy here (click on Sustainable Sourcing and Waste Recovery Policy and it will pop up).

In celebration of our progress with KFC, one of our talented activists worked with us to create this fun game – Bucket Kickin’ Chicken, which you can play here.

Though we are excited about the change that has come from leadership at KFC as it relates to the forests of the Southern US, unfortunately, the new policy does not include language on deforestation. Global deforestation is the main reason our allies at Greenpeace are standing with the people of Indonesia and calling on the company to stop buying from Asia Pulp and Paper, who is notorious for this practice.

So though our forests have received a reprieve, Indonesia’s have not, and we will continue to support the Greenpeace campaign until KFC gets the entire job done. We hope our new relationship with the company can help create the leverage needed to green KFC’s packaging worldwide.

We can’t thank you enough for all your support throughout the last two years in pressuring the company to change, and we could not have achieved this victory without you!

For our forests,

Scot Quaranda
Campaign Director



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