The Buzz is Building on Wetlands Up in Smoke Video

Last month we released our first investigative video in support of the Our Forests Aren’t Fuel campaign: Wetlands Up in Smoke.

The short film featuring a wide variety of voices documents the growing impact of the wood pellet industry on our Forests, community and climate.

Southern wetlands are going ‘Up in Smoke’ so that European governments can meet their renewable energy targets and European citizens can keep their lights on!

Giant wood pellet manufacturers like Enviva, featured in our new video below, are chopping down our forests, turning them into pellets, and shipping them over to Europe for companies like Drax to burn for electricity. This madness needs to stop!

Dogwood Alliance proudly presents an investigative video Our Forests Aren’t Fuel: Wetlands Up in Smoke

We’re at a critical point in this campaign, and we need your help to build national awareness around this destructive new industry as we continue the work of protecting forests in the Southern US.
Please join the long list of citizens, organizations and media outlets who supported last month’s release and SHARE this video with your friends and family, post a message on Facebook and don’t forget to tweet!

***Register to show this video to a group of 10 or more people a member of Dogwoods staff will call or Skype in for a Q&A session following your screening! (Contact [email protected] for further details.)

Feel free to use these sample posts or ones of your own:

Facebook: Watch and share this important Dogwood Alliance video “Wetlands Up in Smoke” about the clearcutting & burning of US forests for European electricity.

Twitter: Watch/share @DogwoodAlliance #biomass video “Wetlands Up in Smoke” re:US forest destruction for electricity.

We must send a clear message: Our Forests Aren’t Fuel! Please spread the word about Our Forests Aren’t Fuel: Wetlands Up In Smoke.

For the Forests,





Tom Llewellyn
Our Forests Aren’t Fuel Campaign Organizer
Dogwood Alliance

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