Dogwood Alliance Staff Member Chosen for Prestigious Conservation Fellowship

Conservation leaders based in 10 countries will gather in Bellingham, Washington for a month-long fellowship exploring market-based approaches to environmental issues

Andrew Goldberg, excited to be a Kinship Fellow
Andrew Goldberg, excited to be a Kinship Fellow

Dogwood Alliance staff member Andrew Goldberg has been selected as a 2014 Kinship Conservation Fellow, one of only 16 environmentalists chosen from around the world. Goldberg directs the Carbon Canopy Project for Asheville’s Dogwood Alliance, a ground-breaking initiative that incorporates the preservation of ecosystem services into forest management in the Southern U.S.

As a Kinship Fellow, From June 29 to July 30, the 2014 cohort of Fellows will take part in an exceptional learning community that prepares them to successfully implement innovative strategies in the field. The 18 Fellows will travel from 10 countries including Belgium, Canada, China, Ecuador, Kenya, Madagascar, Mexico, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States to attend the month-long program in Bellingham, Washington.

”The Kinship Fellowship is an exciting opportunity to learn from leaders from around the world who have been developing tools to address the most pressing environmental problems,” said Goldberg, the Corporate Engagement Director at Dogwood Alliance. “I am proud to selected and look forward to bringing this knowledge home to continue to develop innovative market solutions to help protect Southern Forests.”

The fellowship will be an opportunity for Goldberg to strengthen his expertise on ecosystem services and develop creative pathways forward to expand the forest carbon and ecosystem service markets in the Southern U.S.

Southern forests are at the forefront of supply chain innovation and also comprise the largest carbon sink in the U.S. Annually forests in this region absorb approximately 12% of U.S. carbon emissions. This region is also the world’s leading source of pulp, paper, and timber and home to the most biodiverse temperate forests in the world, making it the ideal testing ground for innovation.

About Dogwood Alliance

Dogwood Alliance is increasing protection for millions of acres of Southern forests by transforming the way corporations, landowners and communities value them for their climate, wildlife and water benefits. Dogwood Alliance has revolutionized the environmental practices of some of the world’s largest corporations.

About Kinship Conservation Fellows

Kinship Conservation Fellows is a ground-breaking environmental leadership program that emphasizes market-based solutions to environmental problems. Kinship’s dynamic global network of 191 Fellows in 47 countries and 6 continents is collaborative, entrepreneurial, and dedicated to effective conservation.

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