Local Businesses Unite with Dogwood Alliance to Protect Southern Forests

When we decided to seek out sponsors for our Annual Woods & Wilds Storytelling event, everyone agreed that we could only partner with businesses (preferably local or regional) that genuinely supported our vision for a future that values wild forests, healthy communities, and human life.

Both Selina DeLangre, CEO of Selina Naturally® and Chris Mathis, owner of Blue Moon Water were excited when they heard about the event and how their sponsorship would help protect our forests, climate, and communities from clearcut logging for wood pellets to fuel power plants in Europe.

Selina Naturally Supports Wellness for People AND Forests


Selina Naturally® is the originator of the signature Celtic Sea Salt® Brand. The company has been supporting small farmers for over 40 years by providing tools that they need to produce natural sea salt ethically and sustainably.

Blue Moon Water Knows the True Value of Forests

Blue Moon Water is the go-to local bottled spring water delivery company for Asheville, NC, including Buncombe County and some surrounding communities. Chris and the Blue Moon Water family know that forests are vital to providing clean water for people and wildlife.

You can meet the great people from Selina Naturally and Blue Moon Water at Woods & Wilds on September 27th. This year Woods & Wilds is at Asheville’s home for storytelling, the Mothlight! The evening will feature local storytellers as they share their stories of the wild!

Don’t miss out: Get tickets today!

Dogwood Alliance is clear and focused in its work to mobilize diverse voices to protect Southern Forests and communities from destructive industrial logging. We’re proud that the businesses that support our work and are equally committed to sustainability in their business practices as well as their personal values.

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