Georgia Environmental Groups Working Together

For 6 consecutive weeks in July and August our Stand4Forests Georgia team produced The Georgia Enviro Show, a first of its kind online series featuring news about the key environmental, climate, and justice issues affecting the state. Programs were hosted by Stand4Forests GAGeorgia Forest Watch, Sierra Club Georgia, Center for a Sustainable Coast, Georgia Interfaith Power and Light, and Beyond Coal Georgia.

This series is unique in many ways. As far as we know, it is the first online series completely focused on bringing current state environmental updates to an online audience. Beyond that, while the participating organizations highlighted issues relevant to their own mission on their show, they also all worked together to mutually promote every show.

Why? Because each organization came to the project understanding that, whether we’re working to save forests, rivers, marshes, oceans, or the climate, the work is all connected. The coalition also realized that, even if the entire environmental sector were to pool our financial resources, we would never be able to match the financial power of the deep pocketed, well-connected industries that profit from climate and environment-destroying products and activities.

What we do have is people power, but only if we work together.

Save our Forests Group Photo

Despite some bumps and technical issues, all of our partners put together great programs, all with a citizen action opportunity.

From our Stand4Forests Georgia recap of last session’s environmental state legislation, to the impact of coal ash on our water supply and the work to save the Okefenokee Swamp from miners, to the importance of Georgia’s old growth forests in our national forests and the expansion of the creation stewardship movement, we brought over 2500 Georgians and counting the environmental, climate, and justice news they need to know.

Don’t worry if you didn’t catch them all because we’ve compiled the entire series on our Dogwood Alliance YouTube channel! And be sure to let us know what you want to see in another season of The Georgia Enviro Show.

Check out the first Georgia Enviro Show episode now!

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