Meet the North Carolina Organizers!

We’re excited to introduce you to our North Carolina team of organizers! Organizers Debra David, Dr. Ruby Bell, and Pastor Richie Harding all live in NC communities that the wood pellet industry most directly harms. In their respective communities, they’re educating their neighbors on the damaging impacts of the wood pellet biomass industry, and encouraging their communities to get involved in advocating for forest protection and environmental justice.

We’re thrilled to have such exceptional leadership on our team!

Local organizing is a critical component of our work for forest protection. For too long, lax policies and regulations have enabled a system of forest destruction that concentrates harm in lower-income communities of color. An organized and educated movement is the first step in advancing policies that don’t allow for the rampant logging and pollution.

Meet Organizer Ruby Bell, Sampson County

I am a 46 year veteran in the field of education. From teaching to administration, I have experience at the PreK-12, Community College, and the four-year College/University levels. I’ve worked with children, parents, and the community for quite some time. I subscribe to the motto “every child, every chance, every day” as my focus to help children be successful. I now apply it to my community endeavors to give every person in every community every chance, every day to have a viable, healthy community.

Serving as Tri-Chair of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Special Interest Group for the North Carolina Association for College and Teacher Educators opened my eyes and heart to the needs of the underserved communities of color. Dr. Iris P. Frye said, “Where we live, learn, work, and play affects our health, and over time, the conditions we experience lead to varying levels of health risks.” Therefore I believe we must have broad conversations, discussions, and advocate to assist the communities in addressing the needs and removing any barriers to health. Keeping the community knowledgeable through education is extremely important. I love this Margaret Mead quote:

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”


Meet Organizer Debra David, Richmond County

Debra David

Hi my name is Debra David. I am a resident of Richmond County. I am the organizer for Concerned Citizens of Richmond County. I live just down the road from an Enviva wood pellet plant, and I support my community in organizing around wood pellet issues. In 2019, our local group was successful in getting a huge win when our work forced Enviva to reduce pollution at their Richmond County plant by 95%. I love what I do, especially with environmental issues. I love working along with Dogwood Alliance.

Meet Organizer Richie Harding, Northampton County

Richie Harding is a Pastor and husband/family man from Gaston, North Carolina. This former veteran and IT specialist spends most days working with the kids as the executive director of Gaston Youth and protecting the environment through Northampton First. Richie’s community is home to many lifelong residents but has seen the appearance of a wood pellet facility and two CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation). “Of course we work to protect our children and environment ensuring growth for the future, but our people are suffering now. We need answers. We need help. We need change now.”

Our organizers need your support: Sign the petition calling on Enviva to be held accountable to communities.

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