A Tribute To Our Valuable Ecosystem: Wetlands

Every day is an opportunity to celebrate and reflect on the vital role that our beautiful and diverse Southern wetlands play on our planet. Wetlands are vital to the communities that surround them. Wetlands protect communities from flooding and minimize the impacts of hurricanes by quickly absorbing water. Wetland forests are among the most biodiverse in the world, home to many unique plants and animals. These majestic wetlands also draw outdoor enthusiasts from all over the nation.

We’re honored to work with the Pee Dee Indian Tribe on a wetlands pilot project.

Together we’re planting the seeds for new possibilities that are good for both land conservation and the local economy.


The Pee Dee Tribe in South Carolina is using community conservation to break the cycle of abuse and exploitation that they and their land have suffered. The tribe acquired about 15 acres of wetland forest. They’re currently acquiring another 40 acres. They have many plans that will financially and spiritually support the tribe that are also tied to land conservation. This type of project will bring visitors to the area, a place that many in the past have considered undesirable to visit or invest in. The project will also draw outdoor enthusiasts to the region to camp, hike, kayak, and bring wealth, light, and hope to the Indigenous community.

Watch this video that shows the shared vision of the Pee Dee Tribe and Dogwood Alliance. Enjoy!

And now Take Action: Urge Congress to protect wetlands and the communities that depend on them!

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