Postcards from Polluted Places

We’re sending Postcards from Polluted Places to North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper to urge him to oppose the wood pellet industry.

Reverend Richie Harding lives just a few miles from the Enviva wood pellet plant in Garysburg, NC. As a Black man, a father, and a youth football coach, Richie thinks a lot about the young people in his community. He wants to see them be successful and give back to the community that supported them. He also knows that his community is a hot spot for polluting industries. Companies like Enviva degrade the landscape and reduce the quality of life for local residents. This does not align with the vision that Richie has for his community.


Richie is a member of the Impacted Communities Against Wood Pellets Coalition. This Coalition is leading the movement to oppose this dirty industry in North Carolina. We’re united by a love for our communities, a deep connection to our surrounding environment, and the pursuit of justice for people and the planet.

Last year, Richie came up with the idea of Postcards from Polluted Places. His goal is to educate his community and his elected officials about the impacts of the wood pellet industry. The Coalition has distributed postcards in the communities where Enviva operates and at events across North Carolina. We’ve sent thousands of postcards to NC Governor Cooper, calling on him to halt any expansion of the wood pellet industry in the state.

Now the coalition of impacted community members wants to see this message elevated. We’re taking the campaign national, and asking you to join us in sending a postcard to Governor Cooper.

North Carolina exports more wood pellets than any other state in the nation. NC Governor Cooper claims to be a climate champion. He’s passed several executive orders on climate change and environmental justice. Yet his Administration keeps handing out funding and permits for the expansion of the wood pellet industry in North Carolina.

Dogwood Alliance is honored to be a member of this coalition. At the heart of the group are residents from the communities suffering the most direct effects of wood pellet production and logging. Those living near the production facilities have seen their lives completely altered.

The dust from the facilities is so pervasive that it makes it impossible to enjoy outdoor activities like sitting on a porch or having a barbeque. The constant noise keeps people awake. One resident said she can’t sleep for more than three hour stretches at a time. The logging trucks stacked high with trees create dangerous traffic and tear up local roads. And for those living within the sourcing radius of the plants, the forests surrounding their homes can be turned into stumps in a matter of hours.

Join the Coalition in urging Governor Cooper to be the climate and justice champion he claims to be. Send your Postcards from Polluted Places today.

Many Coalition members have been organizing in their communities for years, even decades. Time and again, local and state elected and appointed officials ignore community concerns about pollution and their recommendations for stronger protections.

Our Coalition is working together because we truly believe that change is possible. We’re teachers, organizers, activists, parents, and faith leaders. We know that one voice matters and that thousands can move mountains.

Take Action: Raise your voice for community justice and forest protection!

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