Supreme Court Narrows the Scope of the Clean Water Act

On Thursday, May 25th, the Supreme Court voted to weaken the EPA’s ability to protect our nation’s critical wetlands and clean water. The Supreme Court’s decision exposes our communities to environmental injustices.

The Clean Water Act protects America’s:

  • drinking water
  • wetlands
  • lakes
  • rivers

Wetlands are our best protection from the worst impacts of climate change.


Wetlands defend us from:

  • increased flooding
  • drought
  • water quality degradation

The conservative Supreme Court majority has rolled back long-standing rules. These rules were adopted to carry out the 51-year-old Clean Water Act effectively. Adding insult to injury, the court made this decision during American Wetlands Month. A time when we should be celebrating the beauty and importance of our wetlands.

This wrongheaded decision will cause incalculable harm. Communities across the country will pay the price.

Once again, our courts have given polluters the green light. Polluters are free to destroy vital wetlands. They’re free to leave our communities without the safety net that wetlands provide.

Wetland forests are among the most biodiverse forests in the world. They’re home to unique plants and animals. They even draw outdoor enthusiasts from all over the nation.

Our wetlands are in danger. Drinking water and flood protection for millions of Americans are at risk. We cannot let this happen.

Take Action to protect our vital wetlands and clean water.

Fight to Protect Wetlands

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