It all adds up…

Yes, even those receipts. All those slick receipts tracking all those purchases really do add up.   According to the Environmental Defense website, Wal-Mart has over 757,750,000 customers every month and the average receipt given to customers is 10 inches long.. Based on those figures, Wal-Mart alone uses 895 tons of receipt paper per month […]

Fast Food: We Do Forest Destruction Right

Check out Dogwood Alliance’s newest video that illustrates the links between Southern forest destruction and the fast food industry. Visit to find out how you can help!

3rd Annual Green Fest in downtown Decatur, May 2 2009 benefits Dogwood Alliance

It’s not too early to mark your calendar because the third annual Green Fest event for Dogwood Alliance in downtown Decatur promises to be the best one yet. A day of stellar music highlights the day along with great local food, Terrapin Beer, Equal Exchange fairly traded products, artists, children’s fun, and general merry making to […]

Whooping cranes settle on Carolinas coast

Four of the rare birds, once almost extinct… …have made a home on the Carolinas coast. By Jack Horan Special to the Observer Posted: Sunday, Jan. 25, 2009 South Carolina’s coast for eons has been a wintering home for thousands of migrating birds: ducks, geese, bald eagles and even tundra swans from the Arctic. […]

Why reducing and recycling is good

Words of wisdom from Rachel, 11 years old Why Forests Are Important Forests are important because trees give off the oxygen that we breathe. If people keep on cutting down more and more trees, then we won’t have any left. And if we don’t have any left, then we won’t be able to breathe, and […]