The Coolest Creatures In Your Local Creek

Mayflies, stoneflies, water flies, have you ever heard those names before? If you like fishing, you probably have. Even if those names aren’t familiar, there’s a chance you’ve seen them flying near creeks and freshwater rivers. You may be still wondering what type of animals they are. These aquatic invertebrates are known as benthic macroinvertebrates. […]

a daphnia organism under the microscope

Creepy-Crawlies in Your Backyard: A Halloween Guide to Arthropods & More!

Do you know what lives in your backyard? Chances are, there are all sorts of creatures lurking in the bushes and trees that you never even knew existed! Let’s explore the world of backyard biodiversity in a slightly spookier fashion. Together we’ll focus on the creepier, crawlier side of Halloween. From spiders to caterpillars, many […]

Why “No Mow May” Is The Best For Pollinators

Spring is around the corner, and the warmer months are arriving. That means that more Americans will get to spend more time outside thinking about their lawns. We’re all used to seeing clean and well kept lawns across the United States. Maintaining them can be costly and time-consuming. But have we ever asked ourselves what […]

Biodiversity in Your Backyard: Things That Go Bump In The Night

What’s more fascinating in your backyard than the things you can’t see? There are so many strange animal noises at night, whether they’re trying to attract mates, foraging for food, or even just warning off predators. These nighttime creatures range from insects and frogs to birds and mammals. They live in the soil, in the […]