Learn About Flying Squirrels In The US South

If you’ve ever encountered a flying squirrel, you were lucky! Maybe you were in awe of their grace. These small creatures are unique and adorable. They’ve got large eyes, soft fur, and the ability to glide through the air. Flying squirrels are found across the United States, including the South. Let’s take a deep dive […]

Animals That Mate For Life: Biodiversity in Your Backyard

Only about 5% of mammals are considered to be monogamous. On the other hand, birds tend to mate for life. For birds, long-term relationships work better. Around 90% of birds agree! So if you’ve lost faith in love and think that nobody stays together anymore, keep reading. Couples that will not consider “divorce” as an […]

barn owls are cute and monogamous

Things That Go Bump In The Night: Identifying Animal Noises At Night

What’s more fascinating in your backyard than the things you can’t see? There are so many strange animal sounds at night, whether they’re trying to attract mates, foraging for food, or even just warning off predators. These nighttime creatures range from insects and frogs to birds and mammals. They live in the soil, in the […]