How the Debt Ceiling (2023) Bill Fast-Tracked the Harmful Mountain Valley Pipeline

This is a guest post by Aanahita Ervin, a 2023 Duke Stanback Climate Impacts Fellow. On Saturday, June 3rd, President Biden signed the debt ceiling bill to avert a default crisis. In return, this bill deepened the climate crisis. Republicans and Democrats alike are to blame for this. They preyed on a vulnerable political moment […]

a pipeline traveling through a forest

Statement: Demanding More Climate Action

Why A Growing Grassroots Movement is Demanding More Action on Climate Together, over the last four presidential administrations we have been demanding federal action on climate change. Time and time again, big corporations and partisan politics derailed every effort to address this growing threat to our planet. And now, finally, thanks to people power and […]

Biden, Forest Protection, & Environmental Justice in the South

On January 27th President Biden signed a series of Executive Orders on Climate Change. One was an Executive Order to protect 30% of US lands by 2030. Another was on Environmental Justice, directing all federal agencies to invest in “low income and communities of color”. This includes Black, Indigenous, and Latinx communities that have borne the brunt of […]