Can you Imagine a World Without Trees?

Last week, hundreds of people came together in Savannah, GA, to celebrate Earth Day. But in Savannah, and across the South, protecting our planet and the people and wildlife that call it home is more than a one day event. It is a lifestyle.

The faces and voices of the people that gathered in savannah are a reminder of the network of advocates taking a stand for our forests, our climate and our communities.

sav ED rezize 1

“Cutting down forests is like cutting the lungs of the planet.”

Sav ED Vicki resize

“Cutting down forests is taking the home of our wildlife.”

Sav ED Ashli resize

“Can you imagine a world without trees?”

Sav ED resize 3

“We need to stop this. We need to end biofuel and find actual real, renewable energy.”

Sav ED resize 2


This Earth Day, let’s celebrate the people who show up every day to advocate for healthy forests and communities.

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