International Day of Action on Bioenergy

Today, October 19th, is the International Day of Action on Bioenergy.

Today we recognize Southern US forests at the international level for the way they protect us from climate change and storms like Hurricane Matthew. Today we celebrate Southern forests for the way they give us clean water and air, and for the way they give people and communities a place to play and to rest. The forests of the South are some of the most biodiverse on the planet, and they are so important for providing homes to countless plants and animals.

Today we also recognize the ways our Southern forests are exploited.

Our forests are being chopped down, turned into wood pellets, and shipped across the ocean to Europe to meet their so-called “clean energy” demands. Our forests are our best defense against natural disasters and climate change, but instead of protecting our homes and communities, they’re lining the bioenergy industry’s pockets.

In Europe, they’re burning our forests for electricity.

Scientists have even proven that burning forests for fuel is worse for the environment than burning coal. Despite the fact that burning trees isn’t efficient, isn’t clean, and isn’t green, our forests are being destroyed at an alarming rate.

But the people of the South are standing up to the dirty bioenergy industry.

Communities are joining forces to demand the EU Commission stop this deforestation and protect our climate and forests.
Stand Tall With Forests Skateboarder 450


Join with the people of the South in calling for politicians, industry, and the world to value our forests for all the ways that they protect us and give us life. Join us in calling for true renewable energy solutions.

Learn more about the International Day of Action

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