The Wetland Wanderer Episode 3

Remember me? I’m, Lucia, The Wetland Wanderer, and I’m back! I’m excited to share with you Episode 3 of the Wetland Wanderer where I visit Congaree National Park in the beautiful state of South Carolina. In the video, I take you around to visit a moonshiner forest office, share a theory on what cypress knees actually do, and breakdown the economic value wetland forests provide our people and planet.

Come with me and explore the Congaree!

Our standing wetlands are so incredibly important in this time of climate crisis. While we all focus on energy, HOW WE TREAT OUR FORESTS MATTERS. Climate science is telling us that we need to rapidly transform all sectors of industry — not just energy and fossil fuels. Wetland forests are key to helping us fight climate change!

Loving and protecting wetlands will help us build a clean energy future that rewards our planet and all life on Earth.

Watch The Wetland Wander Episode #3

Keep an eye out for Episode #4 later this year. Until then, I’ll see you in the Wetlands!!

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