Enviva: Caught in the Act

Dogwood Alliance believes in a world with beautiful, standing forests, clean air and water, and thriving communities. That’s why we’re working so hard to stop the expansion of Enviva, the world’s largest wood pellet manufacturer, and to expose the truth about their destruction.

Every year, Enviva devastates tens of thousands of acres of forests across the US South and ships them overseas to be burned for dirty biomass energy — harming our forests, communities, and our climate at every step of the process. Enviva is undergoing plans for a major expansion across the South, and we must stand together to stop them.

NEW: Investigation Booklet 2019. See the latest evidence of Enviva’s destruction and learn more about why we must stop their expansion.

Time and again, Enviva has deceived the public, policymakers, and its investors — whether about the company’s destructive sourcing practices, their carbon footprint, or their impacts to air quality. In fact, earlier this month Enviva was forced to install stronger pollution controls at their Hamlet facility in North Carolina, and reports have documented their widespread air quality issues across the South.

Enviva has targeted the Carolinas and the Gulf South for this massive expansion. In North Carolina, despite the Governor’s commitment to address the climate crisis, the state is poised to become the largest exporter of wood pellets. In Lucedale, Mississippi, Enviva has plans to build the world’s largest wood pellet facility, which would require up to 130,000 acres of forests to be cut down each year.

Photo of Clear Cut

Enviva has demonstrated they need to be caught in the act and even dragged to court just to do the right thing. In the absence of real accountability, Enviva will do what’s best for their bottom line at the expense of our forests, climate, and communities. We need our leaders to stand up for people and the planet, not profit, and stop the expansion of this industry.

Year after year, Dogwood Alliance and our partners have caught Enviva destroying our forests and wetlands. Read and share our new investigation booklet to see the latest evidence.

5 Responses to “Enviva: Caught in the Act”

  1. Jade Dell

    Enviva is destroying our forests and wetlands and sending those awful wood pellets to Europe. We cannot support this devastation anymore. STOP Enviva NOW.

  2. Michael Vickers

    This kind of B/S has got to come to end now not later for the good our country to to help stop all of pollution problems companies like these create.


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