I Love Being a Dogwood Volunteer: Dani

Our volunteers are absolutely crucial to our ability to #Stand4Forests. They help with everything from making calls to event management to visiting legislative offices. One of the team even produced a video for us!

This month we’re shining a light on Dani Ray, a key member of our Georgia volunteer team.

Dani is in Savannah and has helped with writing outreach and editorial templates, and draft opinion pieces that have been published in media across Georgia.

Dani says,

“Even a story as big as Climate Change needs narrative, context, and heroes. As a writer, championing Georgia’s #Stand4Forests resolution, SR108, keeps me sharp, informed, and hopeful. Join the Stand4Forests movement to fight for the world you want!”

Dani E. Ray is a writer, editor, translator, and wordsmith who compiled the first English language history of Central America’s modern artists. She is also an occasional essayist, full-time logophile, and mom to Michael and Max.

To become part of our Georgia #Stand4Forests team contact Vicki, our Georgia State Coordinator!

Keep in touch: join our Stand4Forests Georgia Facebook community!

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