Outdoor Recreation: Fun Things To Do Outside In The US South

The US South is home to a variety of outdoor activities to keep you entertained. Hiking, camping, and fishing. Kayaking, swimming, and birdwatching. There’s something for everyone in this region. Are you looking for an adventure in the woods? Maybe a relaxing day by the lake. The US South has plenty of opportunities for outdoor playtime.

We have scenic trails and sandy beaches. We have the Appalachian Mountains and swamps of Florida. So, outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty of fun things to do outside in any season. Take a look at some of our favorite outdoor activities in the US South. Then start planning your next adventure!

(1) Visit a Local, State, or National Park

Visiting a local park is the perfect way to experience nature while exploring the US South. A tranquil escape from city life. An adventurous trek in the wilderness. A gorgeous view of some of the most stunning natural landscapes in the country. There are many parks across the region that offer something unique.

If you’ve got kids, one way you can up the fun in your park adventure is to create a nature scavenger hunt. Make a list of wildlife, plants, and other items they can find while exploring the park. Track their progress and award a prize at the end – whatever makes that nature scavenger hunt exciting!

(2) Go to an Outdoor Concert

When I was growing up, one of my favorite summer activities was going to the local festivals and listening to live music. This is among the most classic outdoor activities. Plus, it’s usually great for people with families. There are many summer concert series all over the US. Get some fresh air while you enjoy great music and the great outdoors.

No music in your area? Get together with your local officials and plan an event! Or, look in other places, like at your local farmers market.

(3) Go to an Outdoor Movie Night

This is similar to number two, but even better for kids. Many cities will show classic movies outdoors on the big screen. These summertime events are a fun way to unwind after a rough week. Many people from the local community attend events like these. Take the whole family!

(4) Meet Feathered Friends

If you’re an early morning sort of person, spend time communing with your local wildlife! The Merlin app is a great tool for bird identification and learning bird sounds. You’ll get some fresh air, and also learn just how many birds are in your backyard. Plus, we’ve got some great resources for learning more about birds:

(5) Get Some Exercise

There are tons of outdoor activities that you can do with little to no notice. You can:

  • Have a water balloon fight: Nothing says fun like a water balloon fight in summer. Use “reusable water balloons” for no clean-up!
  • Mini golf: It’s one of my favorite activities – miniature golf is a great way to spend a few hours on a spring, summer, or autumn day.
  • Visit an amusement park: Kids love the adventure of an amusement park. Sunscreen probably required.
  • Stay at home: Fill up your kiddie pool, create a treasure hunt, or design mud sculptures for a fun afternoon.
  • Visit an obstacle course or build one yourself: An obstacle course is usually a great outdoor workout. Make your course out of natural materials for a fun, low cost outdoor activity.
  • Plant a garden: Making your own fairy garden, butterfly garden, or food garden is a great way to stay entertained all summer. You can even paint some pet rocks as inhabitants!

(6) Tune into Nature

There are so many ways to find enchantment in the natural world, including:

  • Finding a quiet spot to meditate
  • Enjoying the night sky
  • Taking a bike ride or long walk
  • Hanging out with a big tree

(7) Protect the Places You Love

Sometimes, the places we love are under threat. From logging, development, degradation, or even fire. A quick Google search will show you the many threats that your local forests face. Why not do something about it? Ask your elected officials to:

What are your favorite things to do outside? Let us know in the comments!

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