Release: Pee Dee Tribe Land Acquisition & Green Tie Award

The Pee Dee Indian Tribe is an Indigenous community. They have historical connections to the Pee Dee River region in the Carolinas.

The Tribe recently acquired an impressive 76.91 acres of land. This land includes 53.57 acres of wetlands and 23.34 acres of untouched forest. In partnership with Dogwood Alliance, the Tribe saved 91.91 acres of forest and wetlands. Together, they defended these ecosystems from industrial logging. This is a significant win for both nature and the community.

Dogwood Alliance praises the Tribe and continues to support their efforts. This initiative combats climate change and pollution.  It ushers in sustainable economic growth. These organizations have set the stage for the prosperity of vulnerable communities. Only through community harmony and equitable progress can we restore the environment.

The Community Conservation Model guides this collaboration. Other communities facing similar challenges can use the model. It lays the foundation for a regenerative economy. The model addresses threats like:

  • climate change
  • flooding
  • industrialization

In honor of his lifelong dedication, Chief Peter Parr of the Tribe will receive an award. It is the Green Tie Award for Lifetime Conservation Achievement. He made a significant impact on:

  • conservation efforts
  • cooperation
  • energy-related issues
  • climate action
  • environmental justice

Chief Parr will receive the award on September 20 in Columbia, SC. Carolina’s Voice for Conservation will host the ceremony.

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