Stop Bailing Out Big Biomass

We must protect forests, not fund their destruction.

The Biden administration has made commitments to protect forests and address environmental injustice.

It’s time they act on it.

Right now, federal agencies must address the impacts of the big biomass industry. We can’t afford to spend our tax dollars on bailing out this unsustainable and dirty industry!

Demand an end to biomass subsidies and tax credits.

Burning trees for electricity is bad for our forests, our communities, and our climate.

Now is the time to invest in climate resiliency. Let’s invest in the communities that have suffered from industrial logging.

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  • US Environmental Protection Agency, Secretary Michael Regan and Deputy Secretary Janet McCabe
  • US Department of Agriculture, Secretary Tom Vilsak
  • US Department of Energy, Secretary Jennifer M. Granholm and Deputy Secretary David M. Turk
  • US Treasury Department, Climate Counselor Ethan Zindler