Dogwood Alliance Welcomes New Campaign Organizer, Rita Frost

Dogwood Alliance is pleased to announce Rita Frost as our new Campaign Organizer.

Rita Frost, Dogwood's new Campaign Organizer.
Rita Frost, Dogwood’s new Campaign Organizer.

Rita spent the last year in Green Corps where she worked in an environmental advocacy position gaining the skills and tools to become an organizer. Through Green Corps, Rita partnered with Dogwood Alliance on the Our Forests Aren’t Fuel campaign in Savannah, GA where she met Adam Macon, Dogwood’s Campaign Director, and Emily Zucchino, Dogwood’s Campaign Organizer. 

Rita is originally from Austin, Texas. Growing up, her family would drive west every summer to Big Bend National Park where they would camp. Rita explains,

“During those drives as I was growing up, I noticed more and more that the 9 hour drive span was filled with cattle ranches, big confined animal feeding operations. and oil fields with just oil rigs dotted throughout the landscape. Then we would get to Big Bend National Park, and it would just be wilderness.”

Rita remembers the park ranger telling them to take nothing but photographs and leave nothing but footprints, and she couldn’t understand why this would be applicable for one part of Texas but not others. Rita says,

“Getting our country to a place where we respect all natural areas, like we respect national parks, is very important to me. I think that working with forest conservation is one of the frontline fights that we can do to face not only the problems of climate change, but also to get wilderness back into the ethos of American citizens.”

Rita loves running and runs every day. Her goal is to one day run an ultimate marathon (50 to 100 miles).

Rita Frost trail running.
Rita Frost trail running.

Rita loves the mountains, local community and the “foodie movement.” She loves climbing, backpacking, camping, horseback riding and hiking as well as cooking, dancing and spending time with friends.

We are very excited to see the wonderful things Rita will bring to Dogwood!

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