I’m Lucia, The Wetland Wanderer

I’m Lucia Ibarra, the Wetland Wanderer! I’ve been traveling all across the South visiting wetland forests.

By visiting, exploring, and understanding the many values of wetlands, I hope to shine a spotlight on this incredibly misunderstood national treasure.

I’ve been so lucky to encounter incredible plants and critters and to meet some amazing people who are doing the work of protecting our wetlands.

I’m excited to share with you my second Wetland Wanderer Episode! Let’s go on an adventure to Francis Beidler Forest in the beautiful state of South Carolina.

Watch The Wetland Wander Episode #2 and explore Francis Beidler Forest with me!

Our wetlands are so incredibly important. Wetland forests are key to helping us endure climate change – Wetlands help absorb and store carbon, and they reduce flooding and drought. Protecting wetlands is an investment that will help us build a clean energy future that rewards our planet and all life on Earth.

Make a commitment to our beautiful wetland forests by taking the Wetlands Pledge today!

Stayed tuned for more Wetland Wanderer videos. I’ll be in touch soon to share Wetland Wanderer Episode #3 with you!

Until then, I’ll see you in the Wetlands!

Watch Wetland Wanderer Episode #1 and explore the Robertson Millpond Preserve with me in Wake County, NC

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  1. Eric Bradford

    Hello Lucia, Wanted to reach out to Dogwood for support of our Tree Canopy Protection Amendment that’s coming before City Council Aug 25th. Would you be available for a phone call to discuss? My number: 828-458-6691 Thank you! -Eric


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