Woods & Wilds: Thank you for being magical

These days, I notice many people viewing our forests in terms of value and function. I stress about what it means to defend these invaluable resources from destruction. For good reason! We are in dire times and great shifts must take place to focus on the health and well-being of our planet and our people. I realized we fight so long and hard that we don’t actually get to appreciate the already present beauty we are fighting for. We forget to stop and look at the sun shining through tree branches. We take for granted the grace and serenity that nature offers and the deep and wondrous connection we all share with the forests.

That’s why every year, we strive to bring a storytelling event to Asheville that roots us back in the wonder and magic of the forest. Woods & Wilds aims to bring that magic to the stage and to remind us that we belong to this world and each other.

This year was a perfect example of what Woods & Wilds is all about. We want to thank all our amazing storytellers.

ZaKiya Bell-Rogers who found the trees are the chorus of nature.

Isa Whitaker reminded us that our world is on fire and we must protect it. Not only for the survival of our physical bodies but for the preservation of our spirit.

Nicole Townsend brought in the ancestors.

Ali McGhee shared with us the forest that grows inside her.

Indy Srinath told us a tale of finding her kinship, beauty, and power in the woods.

Cortina Jenelle Caldwell shared the promises that she made to the trees.

Abby The Spoon lady spoke of the forest as a haven of acceptance.

Big thanks to our awesome emcees, Elizabeth Garland and Lucia Ibarra, who held down the stage.

Big shoutout to Cousin TL who put rhythm into our night.

We would also like to thank our sponsors, without which this event would not be possible: Gaia Herbs, Selina Naturally, Blue Moon Water, Flora Botanical Living, Larry’s Coffee, Earth Equity Advisors, & Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Finally, we’d like to thank you for your continued support. Together we are not only mighty but magical like a forest.

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  1. Kenneth Lapointe

    Hi, Woods and Wilds sounds great. Guess what, if I told a story about animals raising their families in the woods, and put it to music, would you like to listen to it? Well I have a song I wrote called Deep In These Woods that I recently put on YouTube. Just type ‘Kenneth Lapointe songwriter’ in the YT search box and you will find it on my channel. I’ve been a nature advocate for 20 years.
    Kenneth Lapointe


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