Stories Happen in Forests: Grow & Forage

We’re excited to share with you the final Stories Happen in Forests video for this year: Grow & Forage! Meet Indy Srinath, a manager of urban gardens. She’s not only a gardener, but she’s an educator and a forager, too. Indy is passionate about honoring the sacrifices of those who paved the way for her, permaculture, and mushrooms!

Watch the video now!

In the video, Indy shares her belief that urban gardening is one of the most radical things a person can do. She also shares her deep respect for our forests: from her drive to learn and understand what the forest is communicating, to her desire to exist in harmony with all life in the woods.

I learned a lot from Indy on our tour of the community garden and on our hike through some of her favorite foraging spots. From how fruits and veggies grown in the garden are shared among the community, to how to identify mushrooms and the role they play in the forest. A big thank you to Indy for sharing her wisdom with you and with me.

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