Statement: Dogwood Alliance on SCOTUS Climate Ruling

Yesterday, a Supreme Court ruling restricted the EPA’s power to regulate dangerous carbon emissions from power plants. This disastrous ruling comes on the heels of unprecedented heat waves that swept across the planet before it was even officially summer.

With climate legislation mired in Congress, we know at the end of the day the power to fix this ecological crisis lies in the hands of the people.  We are in the fight of our lifetime. It’s going to take every last person who cares about the most vulnerable, who cares about nature, and who cares about the life we leave to the children of today to stand up.

Dogwood Alliance has long held the belief that we need broad sweeping, transformative change to a society that puts the health and well-being of people and the planet ahead of corporate profits.  That happens at the local level through creating on-the-ground solutions and through grassroots political power building to hold government and corporations accountable. The real solution for our climate, for environmental justice, and for nature and biodiversity is people power.

We organize, we rise, and together we win.

Communities matter. Science matters. Your voice and your actions matter. Yes, we are disappointed by the ruling from SCOTUS. But it only motivates us even more to work like hell for what we love. We won’t stop organizing. We won’t stop standing with communities on the front lines. We won’t stop holding the government and corporations accountable.

Now is not the time for fear or regret. Now is the time for action. And when you need a break – because we all do – try heading into the woods or sitting under a tree. Catch your breath. Listen to the birds and your heart. And then get back at it. Together we are building the most powerful grassroots movement the world has ever seen. 

Our forests. Our strength.

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