Biomass 101

Big money corporations are extracting our natural resources in the South, making millions at the expense of hard-working Southerners with no lasting benefits to those of us who call this region home…


Wood pellet biomass has taken off in the past few years after being deemed “sustainable.”


This puts wood pellet biomass in the same category as true renewables like solar and wind. Because of this miscategorization, burning forests for fuel has received massive subsidies. The only sustainability big wood pellet biomass companies care about is their ability to “sustainably” clear-cut forests and make money.

Drax and Enviva be like….


It has been proven, through investigations, reporting and time in the communities, that biomass is negatively affecting wildlife and communities. Bambi is not pleased….


It’s also been proven that they are harvesting whole, hardwood trees and not just “wastewood”, like the industry claims.


The wood pellet biomass industry claims that clearcutting a native forest is “A-okay!” because that means more and more chemically-drenched pine plantations can be grown. Allowing them to turn our precious forests into actual money trees:

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 10.25.23 AM

It’s like replacing your 30-year-old aged bourbon with Busch Light and trying to claim it’s the same thing!


The industry claims: “…clear cutting often results in greater biodiversity…”


Tell that to the animals who are being ripped away from their homes.


As long as these greedy corporations are running rampant destroying our beautiful world, we will be working hard to stop them.

We’re not going anywhere:


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